Corsair K70 Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Blue

I always wanted a mechanical keyboard. My very first PC had the mechanical keyboard, but it was more than 20 years ago. Santa brought me new keyboard last Christmas with my favorite Cherry MX Blue switches. I'm heavy typist, I don't mind noise, I type quite a lot and I play games only a little. It's great keyboard, I really enjoyed it, less typos, faster typing, but after a first month of use I had to switch back to my old keyboard because of pain in my finger joints! Pain disappeared after a week, but I didn't like the old keyboard, it felt like there were hidden gummy bears under keys :) I ordered silicone rubber O-Ring switch dampers and it helped a lot. I have ordered another pack today and I'm going to double rubbers for each key. After my experience, I think this is a must have tunning for Cherry MX Blue. With the dampers, I type even faster without the pain in the fingers.