Classic Tower Defense Hacked

Classic Tower Defense is Windows Phone Game. It's old game, released with first Windows Phone devices and it's still available on Windows Store. I played this game few times, with different weapons, tactics, but never made it to final level. Is there actually game end? I was so curious, that I decided to find out.

XAP package is the first thing I needed, then I needed dotPeek Decompiler (JetBrains). I had to modify decompiled sources a bit, add more money, compile, replace xap with new dll, deploy to emulator and voila, you can see the results on screen shots below. Answer to my question, there is not any game ending, it goes on and on!

GameModel gameModel = new GameModel()
    Money = 99*1000, // Yippee, I'm rich!
    Life = 100,
    IsGamePaused = false